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George gets his red jacket–the first of 2014

George Hladowski

George Hladowski

Monday 20th Jan 2014 saw George Hladowski, our newest recruit to the Bass section, successfully complete our induction process and this was acknowledged by the traditional awarding of his red jacket at rehearsal. This signifies that George is concert-ready and can take to the stage as soon as he feels comfortable with the repertoire.

A great start to the year – welcome aboard, George!

David Brown (right) presents George Hladowski with his red jacket

David Brown (right) presents George Hladowski with his red jacket

2013 – Eleven new men on stage!

2013's new recruits

2013’s new recruits

Our recruitment campaign which we began in Autumn 2012, was a great success, shown conclusively by the fact that our 2013 end of year concert included no less than 11 new men on stage who were not singing with us at the equivalent concert in 2012. There are even more new recruits waiting in the wings, who will no doubt be concert ready before we know it. The new men are a great asset for the choir and there is a great feeling of confidence and comraderie around.

2014 has the makings of a splendid new year.